The one thing that is seemingly so tiny but actually is monumental to our relationships.


It’s such a simple word and we often give it more weight than it needs.

It just means to be there. To show up. From my perspective as a mom in the trenches by myself while riding this emotional roller-coaster, it would mean the world to have your support.

Sit with me. Laugh with me. Text me to check in. 

I believe the hardest part of the act of supporting is keeping the interactions sincere and intentional.

It’s easy to fill up my bank of “support” with “Yes, I can’s” or “I will’s” but when it comes time for me to make a withdrawal, will I still have your support?

Digging a bit deeper into the principle, support is a form of love. When I show up to support in any form, I often go above and beyond. Why? Because I want the person to know that I’m 100% in their corner. I know how it is to not know that feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

So the next time you’re wondering if you can be of help to someone, the answer is yes. Just start with checking in on your person. It’s so simple y’all.