Single mom, you deserve time to yourself too.

I see you over there. Just wishing that today would already be over so that you can lay in bed to collect your thoughts. My gosh, the same thoughts that you thought about when your eyes opened this morning.

I know the struggle. That one of always being on a schedule and hoping that you have enough time, enough energy, enough strength to get through the day. Trying to do it with a smile on your face, trying to hide the stress and worry that seeks to overtake you day in and day out. Sometimes you make it and sometimes you don’t. Give yourself grace because there’s no such thing as the perfect mom.

Sometimes you yell, sometimes the only thing that you can do to keep your composure as the waves of life consume you is to stifle that cry. The kind that would make your neighbors sit up in their beds terrified if you could actually let it out. Just breathe mom because this too shall pass.

You didn’t ask to be a single parent but life wouldn’t be worth living if you didn’t get a curveball thrown at you sometimes. Keep your head up and be strong. After all, their are tiny little eyes watching you. Depending on you to keep it together, to do what needs to be done at any cost.

The weeknd comes and all you can think about is that Monday is coming once again but right now you just want to decompress. To just sit and be still, be silent and forget the heck of a week you just had. But guess what? It’s another week that you’ve conquered so be proud of yourself.

I know sometimes you don’t get to have time to yourself. Even on the weekend, you’re still on the go trying to make up for the time you spent at work and not with your children during the week. It’s ok to just rest, to be free and to be you without your mom title.

So take that time to yourself. Find a friend who will take your kids with no hesitation because they understand what you go through. I know you feel guilty for wanting to be free and having time to yourself but go ahead and take it. After all you deserve it because you work so hard. Everything you do, you give your all because the last thing you want to see is yourself fail. It’s just you that your children can depend on.

So lose the guilt mom because recharging is a part of life. Make it a priority so that you can continue being the super mom that you are.

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