You’re not hungry. You don’t want to eat!

I was on the phone with an older friend last night. He has like 3 hustles and is working on another one as we speak. Part of the conversation went like this:

Him: I got some work for you. When can I send it your way?

Me: 👀 …..

Him: Ahh, you’re hesitating. Man, you’re not hungry enough. Let me know when you wanna eat.

I couldn’t even be mad because it’s the truth. I’M NOT HUNGRY ENOUGH. I talk a big talk and dream about becoming my own boss but when the time comes, I back out.

I asked him what will it take for me to get hungry and truth be told, only I can answer that question.

2018 started out great. I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish this year and for 3 months I was on a roll.

1. Gain 12 clients (build 12 websites)

2. Eat 70% healthy meals/food

3. Take all opportunities to socialize

4. Rebuild my emergency fund.

5. Make an additional car note each month

The closer it got to April, the slower my momentum got. I’ve been dealing with depression and other symptoms that lean towards bipolar depression more than usual. I let it take over. I chose to be a victim. Heck, I gave up the fight.

Everyday is a fight, no matter if you’re not dealing with mental issues you still have to remember one thing; YOU OWE YOU.

I didn’t make that up. My favorite motivational speaker Eric Thomas spoke about it. The link to the video is below.

I could’ve got mad and never talked to my friend again or I can go back to the drawing board. Revisit my goals. Rewrite my visions and FIGURE OUT WHAT IS MY WHY. What will keep that fire burning on the inside? What situations in my life apply pressure?

Without your why, without something to make you want to get up out of that bed every morning and not hit the snooze button, without a reason to skip Netflix and Doritos tonight in exchange for getting more work done on a client’s site, I’m already down for the count.

Tonight, I will take time out to #startover and it’s ok. We haven’t even made halfway through the year so we have the time.

How have you been doing with your plans and goals?

One thought on “You’re not hungry. You don’t want to eat!

  1. finding the “Why” is usually the hardest but once you find it you will not believe the doors that just open up. keep pushing you never know who’s watching and waiting to jump in and help out!!
    – anonymous

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